17 October 2006

Sign up for the Calderdale Way 2006 Relay teams

Greg Tagney is organising the 2 Dallam teams
Greg writes"See Greg for maps & sheet for full details .Basically it’s a 50 mile relay race split into 6 legs varying from 5 to 11.25 miles per leg and each leg must be run by a pair of runners who must start & finish together.
We have two teams entered, one open and one vet. (If we can’t make that work we’ll change it to two open).
The race will be run on Sunday 10th December. As the course is over the fells and unmarked, at least one person from each pair will need to do a reconnaissance trip and I suggest we all try to do it on the same w/e. This will mean that between two and four of us will be reconnoitring each leg which makes transport more economical and the whole thing can be managed with 6 cars as the 6th leg finishes back at the start of the race. It does mean that you have to trust one of the four members of the leg behind you to drive your car back to the start but if everyone is OK with this then it will make life much easier for all.

The Reconnaissance day will be Sunday 26th November and we will all aim to meet up for a beer and review of how things look at 1pm in a pub (yet to be named) near the start. It is up to you to arrange your transport and start time with your partner the other pair on your leg and to liase with someone on the leg behind you to drive your car back. (Alternatively you can run the leg both ways)

The exact team split has yet to be resolved but the current members (in no particular order and apologies for any missing surnames or miss-spelling of people’s names) are:-

Dave Shinn
Steve Jeffs
John Leech
Greg Tagney
Garry Dowthwaite
John Hodgson
Duncan Hurtley
Penny Atwood
Andrew Hodgkinson
Andy Close
Mike McKenna
Pete Rryan
Mark Davey
Paul Crewe
Mick Pearcy
Dave Deason
Paul Sewell

PLEASE contact me (Greg) on 07776 252 937 to fill in any missing spaces, preferences for running partners etc…. I aim to finalize the teams on Wednesday 1st November after the club run.

This is 17 people so far – another 7 needed. We have some able ‘2nd string’ volunteers available but it would be better if we could get as many places as possible filled with our regular runners so come on Hazel? Dave? Any others? We need you! "

For detailed route descriptions of the legs see http://www.horwichrmiharriers.co.uk/fell_section/calderdale_info.htm