19 August 2019

British Fell Relay Championships 2019

Team News

Dallam’s entries into the British Fell Relay Championship have been confirmed and our teams are as listed below.
It is great news that we are fielding three teams this year which is thanks to the efforts of both Liz and Dowy.

However they are still working hard toward bringing together a fourth ‘Mixed Open” team which they are very close to achieving. So if you are considering competing there is still time to contact either Liz or Dowy to be part of the Mixed Open team. It would be fantastic to see Dallam fielding four teams in what is a prestigious event.

Please email either Liz or Dowy directly to register your interest.

Mens Open
Leg1 - Tom Harkes
Leg2 - Jon and Harry Wallbank
Leg3 - Ray Gill and Michael Collins
Leg4 - Alistair Shawcross

Ladies Open
Leg1 - Jenny Lyon
Leg2 - Robin Collins and Elizabeth Goodfellow
Leg3 - Debbie Copley and Grace Leedham
Leg4 - Aliice Steele

Ladies Vet 40
Leg1 - Vicky Kirkwood
Leg3 - Karen Gates and Jessica Goodfellow
Legs 2 and 4 - Helena Lewis, Dorcas Doolin, Sue Goodfellow and Penny Attwood 

12 August 2019

UPDATE - Wednesday Run 14th August

Please see below an update from Steve Jeffs regards this Wednesday's run. 

Barring bad weather, ferry across Windermere is up and running and last one back from Sawrey is 10pm. I will get to Kendal Town Hall and pick up a couple of books of tickets so we can go for half price. ( 50p each way rather than £1 each way). So runners will need to bring £1 each for ferry fare. If we all park and meet on the circular road that goes past Shepherds boat yard at normal time we can all run down to the ferry together. ( If heading towards Bowness from Newbybridge go past the turning for ferry and Windermere marina and just before you reach The Glebe ( where the landing stages and leisure boats go from) turn left on the circular road that goes past boatyards, shops, ice-cream stalls etc. Park at bend by the lake shore. There is a footpath here signed for ferry.

Best regards Steve.

18 July 2019

Cross Bay drone footage

For all those that were lucky enough to experience this years fantastic Cross Bay Run you may have noticed that during and after the Kent Channel crossing we were being watched!
Accompanying the 97 runners was a drone which was recording our exploits as we approached, crossed and departed from the final channel crossing. The footage captures brilliantly what a unique experience and privilege it was to be a part of the crossing.

Below is a link to the uploaded footage...

Dallam YouTube

Members Championship Update

With only three races left in our club Championship things are hotting up!

The Female category is very much still wide open and all to play for with only 3 points separating the top 5 ladies. It seems consistency will be the key to success here.

The Male category seems to have developed into a two man race with Dave Nichols putting in some strong performances and managing to fend off Will Fish returning from injury. With a potential 18 points available from the final races though there is still opportunity for others still to make an impact.

The profile of the final three races may favour runners more focussed on endurance as the distances extend and culminate in the Lancaster Half Marathon. With nearly two months before the next race there is a great opportunity to get a block of solid training in before competing so lets see lots of Dallam vests turning out for the final few races!

05 July 2019

Dallam Running Club Members Championship

Hello Dallamites,

Dallam Running Club have introduced a members championship which will shortly be embodied within the Dallam website home page for members to follow their progress. It is hoped by introducing a championship it will encourage greater participation in races, friendly rivalry within the club and increased membership.
The more championship races you take part in the greater chance you have of attaining points.
Following the final race the overall female and male with the greatest accumulated points will be Dallam champions for that year, winning a runners center voucher and a trophy to be presented at the annual Christmas get-together.

Dallam Running Club Members Championship details

Points Scoring System.

1st  Dallam Male - Female Member scores 6 points
2nd  Dallam Male - Female Member scores 5 points
3rd  Dallam Male - Female Member scores 4 points
4th  Dallam Male - Female Member scores 3 points
5th  Dallam Male - Female Member scores 2 point
All other Dallam Member finishers score 1 point

Overall Standings:

1st Female - Marian de Silver - Jo Matthew - 13 points
2nd Female - Kel Richardson - Jenny Lyon - 12 points
3rd Female - Veronica Waller - 10 points
4th Female - Karen Wallbank - 6 points
5th Female - Elizabeth Hindle - 5 points

1st Male - Dave Nichols - 28 points
2nd Male - Will Fish - 24 points
3rd Male - Graham Beaumont -15 points
4th Male - Alistair Shawcross  - 12 points
5th Male - Scott Boswell - Mark Oshaughnessy - 7 points
6th Male - John Leech - 6 points
7th Male - Ray Gill - John Hodgson - 5 points
8th Male - Zach Doherty - Garry Dowthwaite - Richard Simpson - Ste Tagg - Jon Wallbank - 1point

Qualifying Championship Races.

Race 1:  Race to the Castle
Date:  07.04.2019
Type:  Road 10K
Weblink:  http://www.lancaster-race-series.co.uk/10km-races/race-to-the-castle-10km/
1st Female - Karen Wallbank - 6 points
2nd Female - Marian de Silver - 5 points
1st Male - Will Fish - 6 points
2nd Male - Ray Gill - 5 points
3rd Male - Dave Nichols - 4 points
4th Male - Graham Beaumont - 3 points
5th Male - Scott Boswell - 2 points
6th Male - Garry Dowthwaite - 1point
7th Male - Ste Tagg - 1point
8th Male - Jon Wallbank - 1point

Race 2:  Loughrigg Fell Race
Date:  10.04.2019
Type:  Fell 6.4K
1st Female - Jenny Lyon - 6 points
2nd Female - Veronica Waller - 5 points
3rd Female - Marian de Silver - 4 points
1st Male - Will Fish - 6 points
2nd Male - Dave Nichols - 5 points
3rd Male - Graham Beaumont - 4 points
4th Male - Mark Oshaughnessy - 3 points
5th Male - John Leech - 2 points
6th Male - Zach Doherty - 1point
7th Male - Richard Simpson - 1point

Race 3:  Wray Caton Moor Fell Race
Date:  06.05.2019
Type:  Fell 11K
Weblink:  https://wrayscarecrows.wordpress.com/fell-race/
1st Female - Kel Richardson - 6 points
2nd Female - Elizabeth Hindle - 5 points
3rd Female - Marian de Silver - 4 points
4th Female - Jo Matthew - 3 points
1st Male - Alistair Shawcross - 6 points
2nd Male - Graham Beaumont - 5 points
3rd Male - Dave Nichols - 4 points
4th Male - Scott Boswell - 3 points
5th Male - John Leech - 2 points

Race 4:  Hutton Roof Fell Race
Date:  25.05.2019
Type:  Fell 11.3K
1st Female - Kel Richardson - 6 points
2nd Female - Veronica Waller - 5 points
3rd Female - Jo Matthew - 4 points
1st Male - Alistair Shawcross - 6 points
2nd Male - Dave Nichols - 5 points
3rd Male - John Leech- 4 points
4th Male - Graham Beaumont - 3 points
5th Male - Scott Boswell - 2 points
6th Male - John Hodgson - 1 point

Race 5: Clougha Pike fell Race
Date:  22.06.2019
Type:  Fell 8K
Weblink:  http://www.bowlandfellrunners.org.uk
1st Female - Jo Matthew - 6 points
1st Male - Will Fish - 6 points
2nd Male - Dave Nichols - 5 points
3rd Male - John Hodgson - 4 points

Race 6: Endmoor 10K
Date:  10.07.2019
Type:  Road 10K
1st Female - Jenny Lyon - 6 points
1st Male - Will Fish - 6 points
2nd Male - Dave Nichols - 5 points
3rd Male - Mark Oshaughnessy - 4 points

Race 7:  Great Westmorland Trail Race
Date:  14.09.2019
Type:  Trail 13K

Race 8:  Three Shires Fell Race
Date:  21.09.2019
Type:  Fell 20K

Race 9:  Lancaster Half Marathon
Date:  03.11.2019
Type:  Road 21K

We hope you enjoy this new challenge and  if you require any further information or clarity please contact Dowy on bamber.dowthwaite@hotmail.co.uk

Jon Walllbank