26 March 2021

Club running update

Hello Dallamites,

As government restrictions relax on the 29th March, myself and the committee have assessed options available to us for restarting club running again.
Whilst regulations permit us to reconvene in groups of 12 we recognise that some members may be a little apprehensive at restarting club runs in groups of this size.
We therefore have taken the decision to restart club running under the “rule of six” format which had proved both enjoyable and safe for us previously. Venues will be listed on the club calendar shortly but will start at the Heron Corn Mill on Wednesday 7th April. We intend again for the groups of six to run independently from each other and the success of this format is reliant on members being prepared to lead a run group if required. We will adhere to the “rule of six" format for four weeks during which time we can assess appetite to move to the larger groups of twelve.

As a further reassurance, government coronavirus staging data shows that the areas selected for the first four weeks runs are currently classified as being “surpressed” meaning cases are less than three or no instances of the virus. Together with the added safety of running in smaller groups this seems an opportune time to get back safely to club running.

Finally I would request that all members wishing to attend, familiarise themselves with our return to running protocol via the link below...

I look forward to seeing you on the 7th April.

Jon Wallbank

A return to club running.

Wednesday club runs will reconvene once again under “Covid Secure” regulations.
The committee have been monitoring the relaxation of government regulations along with guidance updates from England Athletics, conducted the appropriate risk assessment, and now agree it is the appropriate time to resume club running under the format as detailed below.
Dallam’s Covid Secure risk assessment can be found on the link below and all members wishing to run on a Wednesday should take time to familiarise themselves with this document.
The committee will however continue to monitor risks ongoing and are prepared adapt/change or withdraw club running if necessary.

Covid Secure Club running with Dallam.

It should go without saying that if you feel at all unwell with any associated symptoms of Covid-19 please do not attend runs as you put all at risk in doing so.

Club runs are strictly for members only as we are required to record each runners attendance in order to adhere to “test and trace” guidelines.
Any person wishing to run with Dallam who is not a member but has an interest in joining our club can do so with prior arrangement with myself.

Two metre social distancing should be adhered to at all times, on arrival, before, during and post club run.
The committee have chosen specific running locations that present ample and remote parking which facilitate good social distancing.

All members are required to pack a pair of nitrile gloves and face mask in addition to their usual kit.
Packing these lightweight items into a small waterproof freezer bag is easy and leaves us well placed as a group to safely attend to any injured or fallen runner if required.

Running groups will be restricted to a maximum of six people at all times.
On arrival we will require volunteers to be “run leaders” in order to lead the individual groups. Without volunteers to lead we cannot run!
Again, the committee have chosen locations that present multiple and differing run options in areas that should be well known to club members. Each group will be issued with a First Aid kit.
I am strongly in favour of our run groups embarking on differing routes as opposed to running at intervals along the same route as bottlenecks and other issues can soon arise.

Test and trace.
Before departing, I or a committee member will take pictures of each group to record runners details for NHS test and trace.
Any member wanting to participate in our club run, is by doing so, in agreement that their details may be used for NHS test and trace should an incidence of infection occur.
If you test positive for Covid-19 and have attended a club run, you should notify myself or a committee member as soon as possible.

Enjoy your run!
Our running won’t be as it was before and as excited as we are to get back to club running we must stay aware of maintaining a two meter distance at all times.
If you feel unhappy with a fellow member’s encroachment don’t be afraid to mention this too them as it is so easy to unintentionally “drift off” during conversation or whilst running and forget safe distancing. If you have an apprehensions beyond this please contact me directly and I will be happy to discuss any issues arising.

Post run
Unfortunately I am required to encourage you all to disperse quickly after running but this is where my jurisdiction as club secretary ends.
However I am fully aware of the fantastic social aspect of our club and how this is one of our biggest assets.
Any socialising post run is beyond my jurisdiction but please be responsible as we represent our club and it is important how others perceive us.

Considerations and recommendations.
If you have kindly volunteered to lead a run, please consider your route options. Where possible keep within open ground, try to avoid narrowing trails, gates, stiles etc and minimise encounters with public if at all possible. Whilst with the best of intentions, some of the above may be unavoidable, it may also be worth nominating one person within your group to hold gates for others so as to minimise contact with surfaces.

Our club calendar will be updated soon with the further venues and I hope to see running soon.

Jon Wallbank

12 January 2021

Christmas Quiz/Quest Answers

Many thanks to Helen and Lorna for their efforts in keeping us entertained over the Christmas period. Below are the questions and answers to their Christmas Quiz/Quest. I hope you all enjoyed it.

What do you NOTICE when you run?

Q1. Up where the fairies step, what do you have to do if you want to see a fairy?

A1. Climb the steps without touching the sides. 1 point

Q2. What do you have to be cautious of at the railway bridge below Hagg Wood?

A2. Electric Fence 1point

Q3. A missionary and a patron saint of Beetham Church is honoured in a roadside shrine at Slack Head. Who is she?

A3. Saint Lioba 1point

Q4. Find a “Classic” at Hazelslack farm. What is it?

A4. Central Boiler E Classic 1 point

Q5. There is a fork in the road just south of Fell end caravan park. Which cycle routes intersect here?

A5. Routes 6 and 30 2 points

Q6. At Leighton Moss:

Q6a. What must you NOT follow?

A6a. Your Sat Nav. 1 point

Q6b. What are Amazing?

A6b. Eels 1 point

Q6c. Who are we told lives here?

A6c. (3 answers) Marsh Harrier; Otter; Bearded Tit 3 points

Q7. Coffins were carried through a limestone cleft lower than the fairy steps. How many stone steps did the pall bearers have to climb?

A7. 10 steps 1 point

Q8. How many round windows face west at Yealand manor?

A8. 3 round west facing windows 1 point

Q9. What must you not do at Sliverdale Golf club?

A9. Do not loiter! 1 point

Q10. There are two cairns on Beetham fell. Find the cairn which is at Grid Ref. 4894, 7926 . It has a metal plate on top with directions to local places. Use your compass to find what lies...

A10. North Beetham South Fairy Steps East SlackHead and West. Cockshots Lane. 1 point

Q11. Along the Trough at Trowbarrow you will find a gate in remembrance of John Mabin. (note the lovely quotation about friendship) What is the gate shaped like?

A11. Carabiner 1 point

Q12a. A condiment adorns this top, whose jubilee does it celebrate? And what is it known as?

A12. Queen Victoria’s Jubilee; The Pepperpot 2 points

Q13. Muriel Smalley is remembered at Summer Hill. How old was she when she died?

A13. 87 years old 1 point

Q14. Who has adopted the Knott top?

A14. Arnside Ramblers 1 point

Max score = 20 points

14 December 2020

Christmas Quiz/Quest

 Hello Dallamites,

Because it is looking highly unlikely that we will be able to get together over the Christmas period Helen Whitehouse and Lorna Hewitt have kindly put together a fantastic Christmas Quiz for us all. I am sure as our Cancer Care Santa Challenge draws to a close, Helen and Lorna’s quiz will give us the perfect impetus to get out in search of answers to their quest.

I will watch closely for any changes to local Tier ratings that may enable us to resume club running but in the meantime, enjoy the attached Christmas Quiz.

Many thanks to Helen and Lorna for your great work and kind thought!

Link to the quiz below.

26 October 2020

Club Running Update 26th Oct

Dallam Running Club is affiliated with England Athletics and as such has sought and abided by all guidance offered by EA during the current pandemic. Our membership is composed of runners from differing Tier restricted areas but in the main from Lancashire and Cumbria. Currently with such disparity in restriction between these areas and in response to latest guidance from England Athletics which advises “NO TRAVEL into or out of Tier 3 areas to participate in running” I have, with support of the committee, decided to stop all Wednesday club running.

This decision was not taken easily and various solutions to allow the club to continue running were proposed and considered, unfortunately though it was felt that not only would club running become fractured but more importantly the management and therefore safety could become compromised too. In the face of these tightening restrictions along with increasing rates of Covid-19 infection the decision to stop club running was deemed the most responsible decision at this time.

Dallam’s return to running under our Covid secure protocol worked well, we remained safe and in many unforeseen ways perhaps showed us how our normal runs may benefit from what we have learnt in these strange times. We are also advantaged by having a tried method for running in place which will allow us to return quickly as and when there is greater parity between the restrictions placed on our neighbouring counties. So until then I would encourage you to remain active and stay safe.


Jon Wallbank

11 September 2020

Club running update 11th September

Members have asked if the latest government restrictions will affect our current Wednesday runs.

I am pleased to advise you of England Athletics latest statement below which means we can continue running under our current Covid Secure protocol.

England Athletics is pleased that club and group activity as well as competitions for athletics and running will not be affected by the new restrictions on the number of people allowed to meet up. The Government has now confirmed to Sport England that organised sports and activities which have been through return to play protocols will be allowed to continue as before.