26 October 2020

Club Running Update 26th Oct

Dallam Running Club is affiliated with England Athletics and as such has sought and abided by all guidance offered by EA during the current pandemic. Our membership is composed of runners from differing Tier restricted areas but in the main from Lancashire and Cumbria. Currently with such disparity in restriction between these areas and in response to latest guidance from England Athletics which advises “NO TRAVEL into or out of Tier 3 areas to participate in running” I have, with support of the committee, decided to stop all Wednesday club running.

This decision was not taken easily and various solutions to allow the club to continue running were proposed and considered, unfortunately though it was felt that not only would club running become fractured but more importantly the management and therefore safety could become compromised too. In the face of these tightening restrictions along with increasing rates of Covid-19 infection the decision to stop club running was deemed the most responsible decision at this time.

Dallam’s return to running under our Covid secure protocol worked well, we remained safe and in many unforeseen ways perhaps showed us how our normal runs may benefit from what we have learnt in these strange times. We are also advantaged by having a tried method for running in place which will allow us to return quickly as and when there is greater parity between the restrictions placed on our neighbouring counties. So until then I would encourage you to remain active and stay safe.


Jon Wallbank

11 September 2020

Club running update 11th September

Members have asked if the latest government restrictions will affect our current Wednesday runs.

I am pleased to advise you of England Athletics latest statement below which means we can continue running under our current Covid Secure protocol.

England Athletics is pleased that club and group activity as well as competitions for athletics and running will not be affected by the new restrictions on the number of people allowed to meet up. The Government has now confirmed to Sport England that organised sports and activities which have been through return to play protocols will be allowed to continue as before.

24 August 2020

A return to club running.

Under “Covid Secure” regulations the format of Wednesday club runs will change as I am sure you will appreciate.
The committee have been monitoring the relaxation of government regulations along with guidance updates from England Athletics, conducted the appropriate risk assessment, tested the new running protocol and now agree it is the appropriate time to resume club running under the format as detailed below.
Dallam’s Covid Secure risk assessment can be found on the link below and all members wishing to run on a Wednesday should take time to familiarise themselves with this document.
The committee will however continue to monitor risks ongoing and are prepared adapt/change or withdraw club running if necessary.

Covid Secure Club running with Dallam.

It should go without saying that if you feel at all unwell with any associated symptoms of Covid-19 please do not attend runs as you put all at risk in doing so.

Club runs are strictly for members only as we are required to record each runners attendance in order to adhere to “test and trace” guidelines.
Any person wishing to run with Dallam who is not a member but has an interest in joining our club can do so with prior arrangement with myself.

Two metre social distancing should be adhered to at all times, on arrival, before, during and post club run.
The committee have chosen specific running locations that present ample and remote parking which facilitate good social distancing.

All members are required to pack a pair of nitrile gloves and face mask in addition to their usual kit.
Packing these lightweight items into a small waterproof freezer bag is easy and leaves us well placed as a group to safely attend to any injured or fallen runner if required.

Running groups will be restricted to a maximum of six people at all times.
On arrival we will require volunteers to be “run leaders” in order to lead the individual groups. Without volunteers to lead we cannot run!
Again, the committee have chosen locations that present multiple and differing run options in areas that should be well known to club members. Each group will be issued with a First Aid kit.
I am strongly in favour of our run groups embarking on differing routes as opposed to running at intervals along the same route as bottlenecks and other issues can soon arise.

Test and trace.
Before departing, I or a committee member will take pictures of each group to record runners details for NHS test and trace.
Any member wanting to participate in our club run, is by doing so, in agreement that their details may be used for NHS test and trace should an incidence of infection occur.
If you test positive for Covid-19 and have attended a club run, you should notify myself or a committee member as soon as possible.

Enjoy your run!
Our running won’t be as it was before and as excited as we are to get back to club running we must stay aware of maintaining a two meter distance at all times.
If you feel unhappy with a fellow member’s encroachment don’t be afraid to mention this too them as it is so easy to unintentionally “drift off” during conversation or whilst running and forget safe distancing. If you have an apprehensions beyond this please contact me directly and I will be happy to discuss any issues arising.

Post run
Unfortunately I am required to encourage you all to disperse quickly after running but this is where my jurisdiction as club secretary ends.
However I am fully aware of the fantastic social aspect of our club and how this is one of our biggest assets.
Any socialising post run is beyond my jurisdiction but please be responsible as we represent our club and it is important how others perceive us.

Considerations and recommendations.
If you have kindly volunteered to lead a run, please consider your route options. Where possible keep within open ground, try to avoid narrowing trails, gates, stiles etc and minimise encounters with public if at all possible. Whilst with the best of intentions, some of the above may be unavoidable, it may also be worth nominating one person within your group to hold gates for others so as to minimise contact with surfaces.

Our club calendar will be updated soon with the further venues and I hope to see running soon.

Jon Wallbank

02 July 2020

Bay Limestone Round attempts

For those of you not on Facebook, there has been lots of Dallamite activity around the Bay Limestone Challenge recently and coming up soon which presents a great opportunity to get out there and offer some real support to our fellow runners.
Wednesday 1st July saw Dallam new member Tracey Barker set the fastest ladies time to date of 16hrs 3 minutes while looking very composed indeed, well done Tracey!
Listed below are some attempts coming up soon and I am sure there is scope for more too, having heard mention of a Mens V60 and further possible “faster attempts”. So if you can offer support, even just a passing shout, I am sure it will be greatly appreciated.

Friday 3rd July - 7.30am Start - Relay
Dallam Ladies:
Leg 1 Karen Gates
Leg 2 Debbie Copley
Leg 3 Jessica Goodfellow
Leg 4 Lorna Hewitt
Leg 5 Grace Leedham

Saturday 4th July - 4.00am Start - Solo
Penny Attwood along with her friend Sue T

Wednesday 8th July - Relay
Alistair Shawcross has organised a team incorporating colleagues from LRGS.

Wednesday15th July - 7.30am Start - Relay
Dallam Ladies Vet 60:
Leg 1 Elizabeth Hindle
Leg 2 Wendy Dodds
Leg 3 Marian de Silver
Leg 4 Helen Whitehouse
Leg 5 Dorcas Doolan

Sunday 19th July - Relay
Dallam Mens:
Leg 1 Graham Beamont
Leg 2 John Gill
Leg 3 Will Fish
Leg 4 Andy Obrien
Leg 5 Dave Nichols

08 June 2020

Dallam's new running challenge

The Bay Limestone Round is Dallam's new running challenge posed to test the very best of runners.
Set in the stunning surrounds of Morecambe Bay, covering 55 miles, 13 limestone peaks and with 8700ft of ascent this run has all the potential to become a real classic.
The creator of the route and long time Dallam member Tom Phillips will already be known to most of you for his amazing feats of endurance and unassuming manner.
Last Friday some of you may have seen that Tom became the first person to complete the Bay Limestone Round in 12hr 2mins and laying down a firm marker for others to aspire to.
In an attempt to make this challenge more accessible to a wider audience of runners there is also a relay version available which comprises of 5 defined legs of varying distance and ascent.
Importantly, there is also a very worthy charitable aspect to this challenge where teams and individuals are asked to raise funds for either CALM or Cancer Care charities before entering. More detail can be found on the BLR website.

At a time when running events and races still seem like a distant prospect, we are very lucky to have a new challenge like this is in our area of running and I see no reason why individual or relay attempts cannot be conducted safely whilst adhering to current government guidelines.

In support of Tom's work that has gone into this I think it would be great if Dallam members could organise between themselves some relay attempts as I don't think it feasible for one point of contact to logistically organise multiple relay attempts. However if you are a new member of Dallam or someone that hasn't attended club runs for a while but would like to be part of a relay attempt please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to include put you in contact with others committed to running a relay although Dallam's Facebook page is a great tool to hook up with other club runners.

So for those of you that have been putting in the miles during lockdown, here is your challenge...  here is Dallam's challenge!

For all Bay Limestone Round information please see the website below.
(Tom has asked me to point out that the site is still in stages of refinement)

Jon Wallbank

17 March 2020

COVID-19 Coronavirus Statement

In light of recent government direction and with regret I feel the responsible reaction for Dallam Running Club is to suspend Wednesday evening social runs until further notice as our activities fall within the "non essential social gathering" defined under recent government advice. Our AGM that was rescheduled for the 25th March will also be cancelled.
I will monitor the developing situation and advice and ensure that our running reconvenes as soon as is safe for members to do so.

Many thanks for your understanding during this challenging situation.

Jon Wallbank.