27 March 2007

Noel knows where you've been racing in 2007

Or at least some of the time.

I didn't manage to sneak round in the High Cup Nick race without him finding out,but so far my Mount Lowry Challenge result has alluded him.

Noel's hoping to do a monthly supplement,so that's an encouragement for us all to improve,no pressure!

Here are his records so far:



Jan 9th Kendal WL Scout Scar 98f(SM)
Andy Hodkinson 7th 29m15
Ray Gill 62nd 36m30
John Hodgson 65th 36m43
John Leech 80th 38m31
Ladies 14f
Dawn Gill 14th 53m49
U17 Boys 16f
Alex Till rd 19m05
U17G 6f
Catherine Gill 4th 24m13
U14 Boys 17f
Sam Till 3rd 9m13
Dean Sutton 7th 10m25
U12 Boys 19f
Ben Till 2nd 7m10
Wilf Goodfellow 15th 8m58
U14 Girls 12f
Melanie Hyder 1st 9m30 (CRec)
Robin Goodfellow 2nd 11m54
Jane Gill 3rd 12m01
Eleneor Peach 4th 12m10

Jan 15th Kendal WL Firbank 67f(SM)
Ray Gill 54th 29m43
John Hodgson 61st 30m11
u17 Boys 20f
Alex Till 2nd 12m04
u17G 6f
Catherine Gill 4th 15m45
u14 Boys 15f
Sam Till 4th 8m37
Dean Sutton 6th 9m05
Ben Taylor 12th 10m25
u12 Boys 17f
Dale Sutton 3rd 7m04
Wilf Goodfellow 15th 8m48
u14 Girls 6f
Melanie Hyder 1st 8m49 (CRec)
Robin Goodfellow 2nd 10m28
Jane Gill 3rd 10m53
u12 Girls 10f
Katherine Procter 6th 7m58

Jan 22nd Kendal WL Staveley 49f(SM)
Ray Gill 39th 43m01
John Hodgson 43rd 43m49
Ladies 8f
Dawn Gill 8th 76m00
u17 Boys 12f
Alex Till 1st 10m56
u17G 6f
Catherine Gill 4th 14m34
u14 Boys 16f
Dean Sutton 4th 8m06
Sam Till 5th 8m11
u12 Boys 17f
Ben Till 2nd 5m26
Dale Sutton 3rd 5m28
u14 Girls 6f
Melanie Hyder 1st 8m12
Robin Goodfellow 3rd 9m31
Jane Gill 4th 10m34

Jan 29th Kendal WL Birkrigg 44f(SM)
Ray Gill 27th 24m15
Ladies 6f
Dawn Gill 6th 36m15
u17 Boys 13f
Alex Till 2nd 15m22
u17G 6f
Catherine Gill 4th 19m12
u14 Boys 16f
Sam Till 2nd 8m45
Dean Sutton 6th 9m04
u12 Boys 11f
Dale Sutton 1st 4m56
u14 Girls 8f
Melanie Hyder 1st 9m05
Robin Goodfellow 3rd 10m15
Jane Gill 4th 11m05

Feb 4th Kendal WL Fairmile 65f(SM)
Dennis Nelson 33rd 32m41
John Hodgson 53rd 37m14
Neil Harvey 62nd 42m28
Ladies 14f
Susan Goodfellow 12th 43m21
Dawn Gill 13th 56m28
u17 Boys 10f
Alex Till 1st 13m01
u17G 9f
Catherine Gill 4th 18m20
u14 Boys 16f
Sam Till 5th 9m09
Dean Sutton 6th 9m16
u12 Boys 14f
Ben Till 2nd 7m34
Wilf Goodfellow 14th 12m38
u14 Girls 4f
Melanie Hyder 1st 9m34
Robin Goodfellow 2nd 10m53
Jane Gill 3rd 11m19
Reanne Harvey 4th 13m14

Feb 4th Pennine Bridleway Relay 66f
Paul Stocks/ Dave Griffin 1h21m53 (45th)
Greg Tagney / Garry Douthwaite 2h01m59 (61st)
John Leech /Steve Jeffs 1h23m15 (38th)
Paul Sewell/Duncan Hurtley 45m58 (32nd)
Dave Deason/Mike McKenna 1h27m38(37th)
Overall 44th 7h00m43

Feb 11th Kendal WL Barbon 51f(SM)
Dennis Nelson 23rd 27m41
Ray Gill 39th 30m59
John Hodgson 43rd 32m10
Ladies 54f
Dawn Gill 5th 52m16
u14 Boys 12f
Sam Till 3rd 6m48
Dean Sutton 5th 7m15
u12 Boys 12f
Ben Till 2nd 5m18
Dale Sutton 3rd 5m20
u14 Girls 2f
Melanie Hyder 1st 7m06

Feb 18th Kendal WL Helm Hill 62f(SM)
Andy Hodgkinson 5th 34m58
Dennis Nelson 26th 40m48
John Hodgson 42nd 44m19
u17 Boys 14f
Alex Till 6th 17m37
u14 Girls 2f
Melanie Hyder 1st 12m07
u14 Boys 13f
Sam Till 3rd 11m37
Dean Sutton 5th 11m45
u12 Boys 17f
Ben Till 2nd 6m12
Dale Sutton 4th 6m34

Feb 25th Kendal WL Cautley 45f(SM)
Dennis Nelson 21st 39m15
Ray Gill 38th 44m50
John Hodgson 42nd 47m10
u17 Boys 8f
Alex Till 1st 24m16
u17G 8f
Catherine Gill 5th 34m34
u14 Girls 5f
Melanie Hyder 1st 13m13
Robin Goodfellow 2nd 15m45
Jane Gill 3rd 16m18
Reanne Harvey 5th 19m07
u14 Boys 12f
Sam Till 5th 12m40
Dean Sutton 9th 16m14
u12 Boys 11f
Dale Sutton 1st 6m34
Wilf Goodfellow 8th 12m41

Mar 4th Kendal WL Troutbeck 49f(SM)
Dennis Nelson 17th
Ray Gill 37th
u17 Boys 10f
Alex Till 1st 19m02
u17G 8f
Catherine Gill 2nd 24m36
u14 Girls 5f
Melanie Hyder 1st 7m14
Robin Goodfellow 2nd 8m17
Jane Gill 3rd 8m45
Reanne Harvey 5th 10m10
u14 Boys **f
Sam Till 3rd 6m58
Dean Sutton 4th 6m59
u12 Boys 14f
Dale Sutton 2nd 5m45
Ben Till 4th 5m50
Wilf Goodfellow 11th 8m41

Mar 11th High Cup Nick 90f
Dave Shinn 58th 1h38m18

Mar 11th Black Combe 117f
Hazel Jones 25th 86m54 (1L/16)
Dave Aspden 63rd 99m44

Mar 18th Edale Skyline 338f
Hazel Jones 104th 3h43m30 (6L/52)
Dave Aspden 193rd 4h10m52

Mar 24th Fiendsfell 118f
Mike Woodbridge 34th 1h20m02
Steve Jeffs 60th 1h27m33
Garry Douthwaite 81st 1h34m06
John Leech 94th 1h40m02


Jan 1st Arnold Bibby 15 20f
Dave Nelson 10th 1h46m27

Jan 6th Cumbria XC L Carlisle
u17M 4f
Alex Till 3rd 17m14
u13B 14f
Sam Till 1st 9m13

Jan 14th Garstang 10k 443f
Dave Nelson 84th 42m08

Jan 20th MLLXC Lancaster 190f
Noel Hakeman 188th 52m06
u13G 48f
Robin Goodfellow 18th 17m32
Katherine Procter 22nd 17m55
u11B 42f
Ben Till 8th 7m07
Wilf Goodfellow 34th 8m46

Feb 10th MLLXC Chorley 175f
Andy Hodgkinson 36th 39m20
Noel Hakeman 174th 60m10

Feb 11th Blackburn WW 10k 391f
Matthew Noble 249th 52m43

Feb 24th Inter Counties XC Nottingham
u13 Boys 285f
Sam Till 68th 14m30
Dale Sutton 251st 15m55
u17 Men 263f
Alex Till 213rd 25m43

Feb 25th Gt NW 1/2Marathon 1097f
Alan Stuart 331st 1h39m34
Dave Deason 367th 1h41m07

Mar 3rd MLLXC Blackburn 152f
Noel Hakeman 151st 65m51

Mar 4th Haweswater 1/2M 433f
Mike Gannicliffe 1h42m06
Steve Jeffs 209th 1h44m13

Mar 10th Dentdale Run 448f
Dave Peach 21st 1h2m08
Stuart Allen 168th 1h52m11
Derek Pye 211th 1h55m14

Mar 11th Trimpell 20 291f
Mike McKenna 55th 2h20m14

Mar 24th Coniston 14 1354f
Greg Tagney 297th 1h45m36
Stephen Pickthall 740th 2h02m26

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