26 June 2007

Duncan's Stag day/night update 30th June

More details here from Dowy

(Dowy has included a pdf map which I'll try to insert, but for now if you look at the SW Lakes OS map you'll find Turner Hall Farm at gr 234964 ,about a 1/4 mile up the road from the Newfield Inn).

Two routes: Both from camp site

1/ Off Road, from Turner Hall Farm (where we are camping) go onto Walna Scar Rd. At Goatfoot Crags take lower route to Eddy Scale eventually making way down to Torver for a pint in the pub.

2/ On Road, take left hand turn from farm back to Newfield Inn. keep on that rd down to Broughton Mills >>> Hobkin Ground to pub in Torver meet with other group.

To get back either by rd, reverse route, (for another pint at Broughton Mills) or off rd via Long Mire.

Can we all aim to be set up and ready to cycle by 1pm.

If anyone wants to walk as you can see some excellent routes or just come for the beer. The pub does good grub

spare tent available if anyone needs one.

Dowy tel 822216 if more info needed