29 December 2007

England Athletics affiliation cards

A few of you have been quizing David Crayston about Competition Licences (affiliation cards)

particularly from the point of view of being able to write in your England Athletics affiliation number on road race entries.I had enquired with EA about this before the AGM and they explained that there had been a delay in issuing them.
Now click on the link for an update http://www.englandathletics.org/news/affiliated-clubs/

Unlike the previous regional system ,where NoEAA sent all the cards to me, you should receive your new card direct from England Athletics. I understand that it is a bit like a credit card in that you won't be sent a new one each year.

Hope this explains the situation.I understand from David C that he has already received quite a few of your subscription renewals.Can others wishing to renew please help him by doing so as soon as possible (those of you who first joined on or after 1st September 2007 are already paid up to 31st December 2008).

Best Wishes for 2008