01 February 2008

Whitestones and Birkrigg KWL fellraces

Winter League catch up on 2 race reports,photos will appear on our Photo Album shortly

John Hodgson reports on Whitestones 20th Feb

Most of you will be familiar with the hillside on your right as you drive towards Newby Bridge from the High Newton area; that is Whitestones, the land that has defied Cumbrian farmers to tame! It is awful terrain on top; standing water, mud, streams, bog, tussock and cow muck. But what about the races?
It is quite amazing to see so many parents bringing their offspring to events like this. Step off the road and your feet are soaked. Mid-day arrives and the first race is running. Some of the participants are tiny but when they finish, they get carried on dad`s shoulders. In the U12 race Dallam had six runners; two Allisons, two Drinkalls and two Goodfellows. Wilf kept two shoes on this week finishing 12th, then came Stuart and James Allison followed by Tom Drinkall. Megan Drinkall and Lizzie Goodlellow came 11th and 12th in the girl`s race.
The U14`s next and we saw Robin Goodfellow complete a classy hat trick of wins ahead of Jane and a much improved Reanne in 3rd and 4th places. Dale Sutton,who had to wear his brother`s bigger shoes, came in 8th.
Next on was the very competitive U17 race with many runners trying to dominate. Alex Till let his rivals go off fast, but as the gradient got steeper, he seemed to ease past them one by one. First to the top, he then increased the gap to win by a big margin. Sam Till was 8th and Adam Jeffs, having run the Ashurst Beacon race the day before with dad, came 10th. Cathy Gill showed her usual determination to finish 4th.
Seven senior runners braved the terrain with Dave Crayston, Dennis Nelson and Ray Gill well placed at 12th, 24th and 43rd. Dawn Gill improved her time this year due to the absence of the Highland cattle to impede her performance. Well done everyone.

Susan Goodfellow reports on Birkrigg Common 27th Feb

At last a day, where the weather was kind to us all, both supporters and competitors alike. A bit off a breeze to push us up those gradual hills, and no rain!

The U12’s was quite short today, the tiring uphill made easier by the wind, although that made the down hill a breathless one with the wind in their faces. Wilf Goodfellow was 1st Dallam runner coming 8th and Thomas Drinkall 14th boy. For the under 12 girls Lizzie Goodfellow came in 11th girl and Megan Drinkall 14th girl.

Robin Goodfellow finished very comfortably as 1st girl and 7th over all. Dale Sutton fought a fantastic battle for 7th position in the boys, sprinting downhill as if the rest of the race had just been a warm up. Jane Gill needed another 10m and she would have secured 3rd place, instead she finished 4th, with a smile. The last of the Dallam girls’ team was Reanne Harvey looking more and more comfortable with every race she runs coming 5th girl.

For the under 17s the course was a long, slow, gradual drag, with no steep climbs, it was a more a cross country course than a fell race. Alex Till came in a strong 2nd chasing down Rossendale's' Ashley Kay. Brother Sam finished 8th, securing his second 8th in the series, 7th next week? (no pressure, just looking at your form 9th, 9th, 8th,8th) Cathy Gill came 3rd girl and had to fight off Settles’ Amy Fretwell, battling all the way to the finish, providing us with another dramatic race (remember Elterwater 2007?)

What can I say about the adults? David Crayston finished strongly in 7th place, followed by Dennis Nelson 4th V40 and Ray Gill comfortably finishing in 19th V40. And the ladies; new girl Ruth Webster (5th) overtook Dawn Gill (6th) on the downhill (longer legs the definite advantage). Dawn is awesome at those steep up hills, so ladies next week will be very interesting…