03 April 2008

Monday evening training - new improved venue!

Spring has sprung, the nights are light and Junior training will re-commence on Monday 7th April. We will meet for this first week at the car park adjacent to the playing fields in Milnthorpe (that's the one on the left off the Arnside Road). Once met, we will travel in convoy to our new meeting point which is the Tristan's running track.
Every Monday thereafter we will meet at the running track until the winter season returns when we will revue our options.
The running track is against Heversham Head with good off road running for the summer evenings and we have been granted use of the track for training so, if there is enough interest we will have track training occasionally for the adults as well as the children.
On Monday 14th April we will run time trials for all those who turn up and each person will then be given a set of target times for fartlek sessions which will then be run on every other Monday night.
If you do not want to get involved in this it is no excuse for not coming to training as Heversham Head is Steep & Wide (isn't there a song in theresomewhere?) and you can still get your running time in with the other rebels whilst the 'coaches' (this term is used loosely) work with those who want to improve their speed.
See you there
Greg, Dowy & John