28 June 2008

Membership update

David Crayston and I have received a number of queries about England Athletics membership cards

The way the system should work is that when a new member joins the Club we send England Athletics the appropriate affiliation fee and they then send the new member a Competition Licence and password for "members level access" to the EA website ( the licence also acts as a Dallam Running Club membership card)

A number of you who joined the Club around October/November 2007 don't appear to have received your licences from England Athletics following our payment of the affiliation fees.
Those of you who have joined the Club in recent months are also still awaiting your licences.This is because England Athletics now require Clubs to register individual membership online but hav'nt got their IT system to work properly yet.
David Crayston has been chasing them up about these issues and hopefully things will be sorted soon but we are in England Athletics hands here.Every affiliated club is in the same position.
We'll let you know about any developments.