24 July 2008

Club Announcements

Firstly on behalf of the Club, a big thank you to Pete and Judy for last night's BBQ.They always seem to arrange for the best of the summer's weather.

Secondly, we need to sort out August Wednesday evening venues for 6th,13th,20th and 27th.
Please let me have some venues and basic routes ,old or new (ie where we will be welcomed if we are meeting in a pub car park) and I'll draw up the programme.

phone 01524 734035

Thirdly,Dowy and I are proposing that the Club enters teams for the FRA Relays on Sunday 19th October.The venue is a bit further afield than recent years ie the Clwydian Hills (Wales,West Merseyside).
An Open and Men's Vet teams.
I'll have to check out whether "open" means "mixed" as there was some confusion within the FRA last year.
Can we also get a ladies team of 6?

I'll need to get the application off fairly soon so please let me know if you are interested.FRA site has more details.