19 September 2008

Run in the FRA Relay teams

We have two teams of 6 entered for the UKA/FRA British Fell Relay 19th October,Denbighshire.See rest of post about putting your name forward for selection,event information and maps.

Garry Dowthwaite is coordinating the selection of a senior and a vets team (both are open to men and women).
Minimum age 18 on the day of the race.

Names so far:
Steve Jeffs,John Leech,Ray Gill,Duncan Hurtley,Garry Dowthwaite,Marcus Gates.

Can all others who are interested please contact Garry ,on 01524 822216,as soon as possible so that he can finalise the lists.

Click on images to full size them:



Event updates will be on the WFRA website.