29 May 2009

Lanequest - 6 local Cycle Orienteering events

From Nick Gannicliffe.

Hi David,
Could we possibly post this on the Dallam site? I'm sure lots of people would appreciate it - I've been doing them for years and they're great events with all sorts of people competing at different levels. Held at pubs in the area over the next 6 Tuesdays.

Lanequest time 2009 is fast approaching.
You can enter all 6 events beforehand - just complete the form and post.
Just pick and choose your favourite areas (& food),
Bring a completed entry form to your first event and save time.

Hope to see you there

Carol McNeill
Lakeland Lanequest coordinator.
01229 861507
2 hour cycle orienteering score events
6 Tuesdays in June/July.
Special generation class in 2009
Supported by Wheelbase www.wheelbase.co.uk
and Wilf's Cafe in Staveley