04 September 2009

Springtime in New Zealand

News from John Hodgson.

You wouldn`t like this; just reached 29C this afternoon, brilliant sunshine, snow covering the Alps and there I am having to take classes with as many as 7 students in them. There are some of 25 `ish` as well to make it really difficult. Just found out that our Overseas Runner of the Year, Chantal. gained A`s in her examinations and so will be back in UK soon to go to Edinburgh Univ. so the marathon may be on for Duncan if Joyce permits
I came in about 10,330 in the Sydney 14K City to Surf, starting way back 1n the 40,000 group so 71 mins was OK because you could not run in a straight, just zig- zagging about the road looking for gaps. Also Mick had better keep his training up as my training runs are more serious now I don`t have to keep stopping to pick up dog poo!