18 March 2010

Dallam Vets Team - Billy Bland Challenge

From Ray Gill.

We could do with raising a male Vets team for the Billy Bland Challenge.  The set off time is 3am on Saturday the 8th May.  Apart from the start of the first leg, this will enable all legs to be done in daylight, finishing at about 7pm if we are pretty fast or 9pm if we are slower.  At that time of year the sun sets at about 9pm and it is light for some time after that.  The girls are planning to set off slightly earlier, perhaps even the evening before, so they will be a target to run down and I guess we could save some seats for them in the pub.  With all the BG training we can raise quite an effective team if all our best runners turn out.  We may even surprise ourselves and possibly in the inaugural year of this event, come first in the VETS section.  We need ten runners in all.  Those who want to enter please contact me on 015395 35013.