28 September 2010

Billy Bland Challenge 2011

Also a note from Ray Gill about the BBC Relay

"We are hoping to do a ladies VETS team and another one, perhaps a mixed or mens to introduce younger runners:
Team 1: Ladies VETS Start Time 6pm Friday the 3rd June endeavouring to beat the record set by Dallam in 2010.
Team 2: A mixed team to encompass all, whipper snappers, and old crocs of all ages. Depending on the team, the start time could be 6pm Friday or 2am on Saturday.

Anyone interested please send your name and preferred leg to Ray at fellrunninggills@googlemail.com. Left or Right is not helpful!

We will set up a page for next year on the BBC website for training and teams etc.

Shinny adds a thought:
3 BG events on consecutive weekends (Relay - Martins - Robs) seems a tight timetable .Perhaps there needs to be a bit of breathing space between them in order to maximise support?
Are there any other 2011 attempts on the cards from within the club?