29 September 2010

Ian Hodgson Mountain Relay - 3rd October

Recent post with team sheets etc now updated with some reminders received from the organisers:

"Please remember the earlier 09.30hrs start time."

"Have you told all your runners what the kit requirements are? It’s waterproofs NOT windproofs and a jacket with a hood. As the forecast is “iffy” we may ask them to carry hat and gloves as well."

"Parking at Sykeside is £2 per car for the whole day, allows use of the campsite facilities inc. showers, but is limited – please car share as much as possible."

"Parking at Kirkstone is by permit only – one car per Club except Clubs with 3 teams which will get permits for 2 cars. These will be issued at Registration-opens at 08.00hrs. We will be running at least one minibus shuttling from Sykeside to Kirkstone from 09.00hrs – please use it. We’re paying for it! There is no off road parking at Kirkstone other than the Inn car park: please don’t try to “fly park”."

"IHMR is a team event run in pairs. Pairs not seen running together may lead to their team being disqualified – runners should arrive at controls together as marshals will not record teams till the second runner arrives. Please ensure your teams know this! You have been warned…….."

26 September post read:

Our Mens and Ladies teams are on this spreadsheet with meeting up times etc.

Please note the earlier start time 9:30am with Leg 1 and 2 runners to meet at the start at 8:45am.

No Parking at Kirkstone Inn.

Leg 3 and 4 runners to meet at Hartstop at 11:00am.

Please contact Dave and Helen on 01524 733447 about any details.