04 November 2010

Eaves Wood Trail Races - 21st November 2010 - helpers required

Thanks for the offers of help so far.Some more still needed please ,to cover all the jobs.You can contact me on 01524 734035 or david.g.shinn@gmail.com

John Hodgson is in charge of catering at the Gaskell Hall after the race and will welcome offers of cakes etc being made to supplement the soup,tea and coffee.
His phone number is 01524 762015

21/10/10 post
Here's a link the Eaves Wood Trail Race website.
The usual help is required at registration,finish,results,marshalling etc (but not necessarily from the usual people).
Please let me have your offers of help asap.Hopefully there will be enough from those injured,tired,non running at the moment so that the rest of you can run.
01524 734035