12 June 2011

June Update

Including Photo Links and Blogs.And more BG thank you's!.

Lots of long distance activity with the Billy Bland Challenge team rounds,
Doc Martin's Bob Graham Round and Tom Phillips Ramsay Round all completed.

As well as the thank you note to the club from Matt Beardshall mentioned on Martin's blog here's an email received from Mal Gibb one of Matt's support team:
"Thanks to everyone at Dallam Running Club for helping Matt Beardshall on his BG run. He started (and finished) at the same time as Martin Gardiner last weekend and got dragged along in with the Dallam train. I was one of Matt's support team at the top of Helvellyn, Rossett Gill (thanks for the tea and jaffa cakes) and Great Gable. I think without the Dallam help Matt would have struggled. Is being spectacularly friendly a prerequisite of entry to your club as everyone couldn't help enough. Much appreciated!

And one from Pennine for helping out on Billy Goodwin's round:
"Hi,I’d like to say a huge thanks to your guys from Dallam, (Stuart Hurst,Andrew, Dave, Baz and Mike Smith) that helped Billy Goodwin succeed in his Bob Graham Round this Saturday.
I met Stuart at the Manx Marathon and he said he had met Billy last year at the Old Counties Tops and would like to help out with Billy’s BG.  True to his word he stayed in touch with Billy and gave him loads of support & advice throughout the tough build up to the day.When Stuart said that he was bringing a few mates along we hadn’t realised what a force you lot had.  It was pretty grim out there & you lot were very impressive to witness.  A proper tight unit that gave a massive confidence boost to Billy and made a big impression with the biggest g-b s--t in our club, Jodders who lapped it up.  He fitted very well into the banter as the rest of us looked on a bit shell shocked.  (It’s not easy to do that ‘gentle caring’ approach you used but following your lead I tried the fast foot massage & Vaseline treatment on Billy at Wasdale & ripped a blister off his toe.  It worked as it stopped him thinking of the rain & got him out of the van up to the hills).
Billy had hidden strengths to keep on going in atrocious conditions (full waterproofs from Keswick until Little Town CP) and he kept it all edgy right up to the road section where he got on with it & finished the job off.  He stormed up to the Moot Hall at 23:44 a proper star.
Back in the hut we were all too excited to sleep and so had to drink beer and take the mickey out of each other for the next couple of hours.  Billy stayed with us and through misty eyes he kept singing your praises for all the support you gave him.
(Jodders has found some kindred spirits and wants to twin your club with ours).
Thanks for your help you made a huge difference to a very important day, cheers Dave Harvey (Pennine)."

Club website upgrades

New page added to the top menu bringing together the Dallam Photo Album and links to your albums which feature our runners and events.It includes recent sets from the BGs,Cross Bay Run and Tom's album.
If you want to add to this continuous photo record of the club please send your photos or weblink to me on david.g.shinn@gmail.com.

Members Blogs - if you want me to add your running blog to the site please send me the link.