03 October 2011

Ian Hodgson Mountain Relay

Full Results
From Helen Deason "On behalf of everyone who took part in the Ian Hodgson Relay on Sunday, 2nd October, I would like to say a big thank you to Julie and Mick for organising the event,
I know it isn’t an easy job. In their selection they decided to change things this year and opted for two closely matched Dallam teams, as we can never compete with the big boys we had our own little battle. This resulted in both our teams coming into each changeover within a couple of minutes of each other, the lead changing several times.
There was lots of good spirited banter throughout the day, especially when Dave was jumping up and down, shouting the house down when Jarv and Mark came in on Leg 4, only to realise they were on the other team, how to silence someone immediately! In the end Dallam Team 20 come out the Victors, thank you everyone another great day out for Dallam."