30 June 2012

20 Barriers race night information

The 20 Barriers Race is on Tuesday 3rd July from Carnforth High School at 7pm.

Access to race parking ,registration and the start is between the school and industrial estate on the east (motorway) side.Please don't try to use the access down School Lane on the town side of the school site as the very limited parking is restricted to swimming pool users only.

We'll be setting things up from 5:30 when the gates from the car park open.
Registration is round the back of the new Sports Hall ( not through the main entrance door) and will open at 6 pm.

Registration team - Julie P,Robin and Penny

Parking team ready for 5:45 - Stuart ,Mick P ,John Leech, Dave and Sarah Barnes ( Stuart,Mick and John knock of at 6:30 to get ready to run)

Start and finish line - Noel timekeeping plus Dave and Sarah Barnes

Tale end charlies - Mike Hill and Debbie
M1 on first canal bridge - Jennie
M2, 3 and 4  Thwaite House Lane canal bridge area - Pete and Judy,Mike McK – who then move to M10,11,12
M5   turn up into woods - Rob Hampshire - then joins tale end charlies clearing course
M6   blind turn into fields - John Hodgson
M7/7a  Nether Kellet turns – Dowy and daughters
M8   near turn off from track through newly positioned gate - Shinny
M9   quarry flat – Jarv
M10,11 and 12  quarry road end and Kellet Road canal bridge - Pete and Judy ,Mike McK