17 October 2012

Monday night Junior training at Dallam School

From John Hodgson.
For some reason beyond me, the switch over from Tristrams to the Astro-turf at Dallam School which normally coincides with the clocks going back an hour has baffled me this year and gone wrong.
     Believe it or not, but the junior ' night owls' are still turning out in the dark at Tristrams equipped with torches and yellow bibs from Debbie and doing hill-reps and relays on the pitches to the total bewilderment of Holly, the dog, who can't work out what on earth is going on!
   Well, there is just one last 'summer session' on Tristrams on Monday 22nd Oct for the stalwarts who keep turning up. Then it is half-term week, when we all have a rest with no training, then…….
    Monday, 5th Nov. 'Bonfire night', we start again at Dallam School at 7pm on the Astro-turf. The village fireworks and bonfires will mainly take place at the weekend before so the opinion was that we would be ready to run.(maybe some treats awaiting at the end). We will continue through every Monday until Dec 17th. The cost of the hiring to the club is £25 per session, so that is why we ask you to make a contribution if you can remember. Debbie is going to take the older juniors off on longer road runs so torches and bibs will be necessary.
    Finally, I would just like to thank Debbie and Dowy for all their efforts and enthusiasm over the last two months, whilst I was 'darn unda', in keeping the sessions going for the Juniors. Sometimes, the numbers drop and you wonder if it is worthwhile, but the following week they are back in their numbers and that cheers you up again.  So hopefully, there will be a huge turn out on the 5th!

NB Senior Monday run meeting point will also switch to Dallam School on the same date.