31 January 2013

Dallam Juniors have a 'double success' at Birkrigg

Latest Winter League report from John Hodgson
This is getting beyond the joke now you guys. There had been no junior training sessions for the three weeks prior to last Sunday's races at Ulverston, and what happens? Not only does Jacob Steele lead the U14 field home for a second time, but Sarah Thompson is getting into the act as well in the U17's.
Sarah's dad was predicting another win for her rival, Ellie Lambert from Wharfedale, as the course would suit her and Sarah had run in the Northern Club X-country championships at Knowsley the day before.He was therefore quite taken aback when Sarah appeared well ahead galloping down the hill to the finish. "Oh hell," he was heard to mutter, 'That is going to cost me another half dozen cream eggs."
Well done to Alfie Walton and Eddie Leedham in the U 12's; Charlotte Goodfellow and Vicky Leedham with Jacob in the U14's and special mention to Tom Harkes getting in front of Jack Sharples for the first time and to Will Leedham and Maddy Bell for all their efforts in the U 17's.
  Finally, just to remind all juniors that the Sportshall at Heversham is the new venue for Monday nights training session, but we cannot guarantee you will race better afterwards, but you will have to work hard and hopefully have some fun.