26 February 2013

Winter League Update part ll

By John Hodgson.
Four races to update you with since Birkrigg ...

Though the limited parking at Fairmile restricted the competitors to Seniors only,just as well as the conditions were 'testing' to say the least and juniors were better off staying at home. 'We must warn you that the conditions on the tops are 70 mph winds, its white-out visibility, 3-4 inches of snow and we recommend you wear full body cover " were the greetings as you went to register for the race, {sorry for the lack of metric} , " and we take no responsibility for your safety" was how it ended.I didn't wish to become a casualty, but braver men like Mark Bell, Martin Benson and Ray Gill were not undeterred. As the results show, they survived, but it was a challenge for them to say the least. There was lots of exposed red skin at the finish.

Next was Helm Hill; Alfie Walton and Grace Attwood represented Dallam in the U 12 race and ran well. Jacob Steele went for it from the start of the U14 race and led from start to finish with a gutsy effort to add to his win at Ulverston. We had seven of nineteen runners in the U17 race and they all ran well, pushing themselves to their limits.The Senior race was 'different' with the presence of Andy 'Sumo' Holden, who ran wearing a blown-up Michelin X suit. He is a good runner, so why would you want to? Strange.

Off to Barbon next; which is 10 paces running followed by a steep climb which goes on and on.Debbie was suffering from the effects of a' Stuart" training session the day before in the same area; maybe 18miles and 5000' of climbing, so was asking for sympathy to be let off her race. Stuart thinks she is getting soft! Alfie Walton, Eddie Leedham and Grace Attwood braved the steep ascent and descent in the U12's, George Attwood and Vicky Leedham did likewise in the U14's with five runners for Dallam in the U 17's.It is a challenging venue but sliding downhill on your backside as the quickest means of descent is different.

Finally, cross country at Sedbergh School. This was an undulating course containing streams and log jumps as added obstacles.No U12 runners for us this time and Jacob Steele succumbed to the ravages of an overnight coach journey from a school skiing holiday with little sleep.So it was left to our U17's to show their talents again. Tom Harkes ran a strong race dragging Sarah Thompson with him in his slipstream to win the girls race again. 'Does that mean more cream eggs?' I asked her dad, ''Funny you should say that,' he replied. Jack Sharples, Will Leedham and Alice Steele were also pushing themselves all the way to the finish, so well done to them all.

Cautley Spout next; that is not a nice thought.