15 April 2013

Burghley Rat Race

From Jennie Edmondson
Hi All,
Well, it is around 2 years since I was last bothering you all for sponsorship for my amazing trip to Everest.  A massive thank you for all you support on that one.  I promised I wouldn't bother you again for 2 years so here I am again!!
My next epic feat is called the Burghley Rat Race.

The Rat Race series has been around for a few years and is the standard off road mud run/obstacle course however, this year, they have designed the biggest assault course of it's kind.  200 obstacles over 20 miles!  It's great to be working towards a goal and my training began in earnest 2 months ago.  Not only running off road, I am working hard on my upper body strength to get me over/under/through the punishing obstacles!  It's making the Everest training look easy!!  To find out more about the race please look here....

Anyway.  I have been asked to be part of a team on 9 (formerly 10, but we have lost one due to illness) who are all from the Joint Force Harrier community who I used to work with when I worked with the Royal Navy Sea Harriers.  We are raising money for an inspirational motorcycle racing team.  The True Heroes Racing team was set up to support troops wounded in action. The rider is L/Cpl Murray Hambro from 2 RTR who lost both his legs in Afghanistan. He is supported by fellow 2 RTR veteran Cpl Graeme Billington who was injured when his Warthog vehicle struck a mine. For more details about the team and its activities, please follow the link http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/News-and-Events/Latest-News/2012/September/17/120917-True-Heroes-Racing
If you are able to sponsor me in support of this cause, I would be most grateful.  You can donate via the True Heroes page link here... http://www.thrratrace.co.uk
Many many thanks.
Jennie xx

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