30 January 2014

Witches Revenge and trainers request

From Jennie Edmondson
I'm putting a team together for the Witches Revenge, a local 10K obstacle race. You do not need to be a current PramPowerer, but will be in my team - anyone is welcome.  Friends, spouses, parents etc - please spread the word!
The organiser has offered me a 15% discount (currently £34) for all my team members.  We currently have a small gang of interested "witches & wizards", but I would love to get a bigger gang involved.  So come on, get out of your comfort zone (because Fell Running is comfortable??!) and join me on 13 April.

When you enter, please opt for the 1100 wave if you want to start together (we don't have to run around together, but you may want to buddy up!!) make sure you put 'PramPower' in the team name and enter discount code - GROTBAGS15  (anyone who remembers Grotbags must be nearly as old as me!!!!)

Please let me know when you have entered!  The guys who are running it have been putting on a number of free taster sessions, so you will hear about those when you enter.  I will also try and put a few free bootcamp sessions together for my team!!
Come on…..!!!!!"

PS Does anyone have (or know where to get hold of) any decent second hand kids fell running trainers size 12/13 (2 pairs required!)  I don't really want to buy new in case they hate it!!
Thank you