21 March 2016

Dallam club vests and clothing

24 FEB 2019 UPDATE - Please note that as of  February 2019 Ray has now stepped down from his role as kit manager.
Jon Wallbank, the new Club Secretary, now has the stock of senior vests so please contact him (details elsewhere on website) for availability and prices.

Details from Ray Gill about the stock of vests that he is holding ,and also how to order personalised club clothing online.

Club Vests
I have good stocks of all adult running vests, other than ladies medium and large***.  These are on order and will arrive in due course.  I also have stocks of metal pin badges and sew on Dallam badges.  A limited stockpile of these items is held in my black Subaru Outback.  I am frequently to be seen on a Wednesday night and can supply these items easily at that time.  My email address is fellrunninggills@gmail.com.Running vests are priced at £10, whilst all badges are priced at £2. 

Ray modelling the club vest at Coniston 14

*** 16 April 2016 update
Ladies large and medium running vests are now in stock priced at £10 each.

Clothes with the Dallam Badge, DALLAM on the back and your own personal name or message can be ordered at www.clothes2order.com.

It requires a little bit of effort, however having done this then all clothes that you order, in whatever colour, be it hoodies, tracky bottoms or T shirts can be embroidered or printed as you wish.  

Follow these instructions:

Create your own account. Having done this go down to the bottom of the screen and select:

"Add someone else's design to your account"

Upload the following design codes:

3845586-1006983 Embroidered Dallam Badge
3845586-1103009 Printed Dallam (Prints just the white text)

Once done, you can select your clothing from a wide range.
Having your own account enables you to create additional text such as your own name. This can be reused on future orders.

Clothes2order have a very helpful helpline on 0800 012 2602.