11 February 2018

Ideas and iniatives for the future

One of the main points which members agreed at last week's AGM was that,while we may not necessarily wish to create a more formal structure or committee,we do want to continue to move forward and develop as a club.

For instance:
  • have beginners running nights
  • the possibility of a club championship
  • if the club decides that there is the appetite to become more competitive then the possibility of a race captain(s)
  • look at the communications within the club
  • aim to develop a new Dallam race
It was decided to set up a steering group to work through some of the possibilities and therefore I'd invite anyone who is interested in taking part to let me know so that a venue and date can be arranged with a view to the group reporting back to the club on a Wednesday night (perhaps at the Woodlands at Silverdale on 14th March).

I await your reponses.
David Shinn,Club Secretary,