28 January 2019

Tim Smith contact details

From Tim Smith

Hello to all Dallamites from Sri Lanka.
After a busy week of settling in and acclimatising, in which I’ve managed to get in 4 early morning runs in along the beach and around about....sadly lacking in those wonderful Cumbrian hills, and without the friends from Dallam chatting away alongside 😔 but
the locals are all very friendly and chatty as you run past (well shuffle in my case) so I have some pseudo company!! 👌
I am already on the lookout for a local running club and have some ex-pat contacts who advise me they can help.

Anyway below are my contact details if anyone should find their way across to this fab country at any time:-
Tel: +94 7789 32038

Thank you all so much for your card and lovely wishes inside and my super picture of    the ‘gang on the bay’ which will take pride of place in our little gaff! 😁

We will be back in the UK once a year each Spring and I shall certainly try and get to a Weds night run to catch up with some of you😁

Thanks for my many years of happy running and smiling comradeship with Dallam, and I wish you all and the Club a fantastic 2019 - I will be keeping up to date with your escapades and adventures through the website so keep posting!!

All the very best