30 May 2019

Cross Bay Run Wednesday 19th June

Dallam Running Club’s Cross Bay Run is a  guided run across the sands of Morecambe Bay supported by Bay Search and Rescue.
Bay Search and Rescue will guide us from the foreshore at West Plain Farm, Mile Road, Flookburgh starting at 7.00 pm.
A Bay Search and Rescue unit will guide us out across the sands to the River Kent where we will wade this crossing and be met by a second Bay Search and Rescue unit that will guide us the rest of the way to New Barns beach. We will then run the final mile back into Arnside.
While the Bay Search and Rescue vehicles will guide us over the sands you should run with a small rucksac/bumbag containing anything you might need during the crossing. 


All runners need to be at Arnside Rail Station at 17.57 to catch the train to Cark, costs for this journey is £3.90 – please try to have the correct change. For all those driving to Arnside, please try and car share where possible so as to minimise cars parking. We have been assured there will be a 156 train with enough seats for 250 passengers. All runners will depart at Cark at 18.11 and then have a pleasant warm up run of 3.5 miles along footpaths and bridleways to West Plain Farm.

Once at West Plain Farm we will meet the Bay Search and Rescue units to start the main crossing which is estimated be approximately 5 miles. the total run for the night will be about 9.5 miles at an easy pace with several  “gather-up” stops. The wade across the Kent should be thigh deep. After arriving at New Barns Cove we will have a further mile to run in order to get back into Arnside.

Low water will be around 19.00 on this evening so everything should be straight forward. However the crossing is certainly weather dependent and also relies on the conditions of the sands. Bay Search and Rescue will check out the crossing a day or two before our run and if there is any doubt about safety they will let us know beforehand.

In the unlikely event of the cross bay run being called off there will be a club run around Arnside including the Knott.


It’s June, it’s the Lakes, it includes water so think a little about what to wear and bring. Please don’t wear your best running shoes but bear in mind we are running on footpaths for about 3.5 miles at the start.

We advise that you should bring a small rucksac/bumbag with spare warm top, a waterproof coat plus any drinks or nutrition you may require. If the weather looks likely to be sunny then maybe some sun cream and sunglasses would be a sensible option too. A camera/phone may be useful as the views during the run can be truly fantastic.

Most importantly, please don’t forget your £3.90 for the train fare.


In true Dallam tradition, we have arranged with The Albion pub for them to provide Cheesy Chips for £3.50 or Chips for £2.95 to accompany your well earned pint if you wish to partake.


The cost of entry is £10 per person for the crossing.
If you would like to take advantage of The Albion’s offer of Chips with or without Cheese then please add either £3.50 or £2.95 respectively.

Dallam’s preferred method of payment is via BACS transfer.
Please pay the correct amount to the Dallam Running Club’s account using the details below.

SORT CODE 40-33-28
ACCOUNT NAME Dallam Running Club
REFERENCE               Bay Run Your Name

Also you are required to confirm your entry/payment and food option via email to…    stevenjeffs@aol.com  

If you are unable to make a BACS transfer then payment via cheque for correct amount is also acceptable. Please make your cheque payable to Dallam Running Club and address it to…

Steven Jeffs
Dallam Running Club Treasurer
1 Sedgwick Court,
Off Cart Lane,
LA11 7AB

If you have any further questions please email either  stevejeffs@aol.com  or jonwallbank@btconnect.com.