02 July 2020

Bay Limestone Round attempts

For those of you not on Facebook, there has been lots of Dallamite activity around the Bay Limestone Challenge recently and coming up soon which presents a great opportunity to get out there and offer some real support to our fellow runners.
Wednesday 1st July saw Dallam new member Tracey Barker set the fastest ladies time to date of 16hrs 3 minutes while looking very composed indeed, well done Tracey!
Listed below are some attempts coming up soon and I am sure there is scope for more too, having heard mention of a Mens V60 and further possible “faster attempts”. So if you can offer support, even just a passing shout, I am sure it will be greatly appreciated.

Friday 3rd July - 7.30am Start - Relay
Dallam Ladies:
Leg 1 Karen Gates
Leg 2 Debbie Copley
Leg 3 Jessica Goodfellow
Leg 4 Lorna Hewitt
Leg 5 Grace Leedham

Saturday 4th July - 4.00am Start - Solo
Penny Attwood along with her friend Sue T

Wednesday 8th July - Relay
Alistair Shawcross has organised a team incorporating colleagues from LRGS.

Wednesday15th July - 7.30am Start - Relay
Dallam Ladies Vet 60:
Leg 1 Elizabeth Hindle
Leg 2 Wendy Dodds
Leg 3 Marian de Silver
Leg 4 Helen Whitehouse
Leg 5 Dorcas Doolan

Sunday 19th July - Relay
Dallam Mens:
Leg 1 Graham Beamont
Leg 2 John Gill
Leg 3 Will Fish
Leg 4 Andy Obrien
Leg 5 Dave Nichols