27 February 2007

Mount Lowry Challenge,Wellington,New Zealand

Meanwhile the Dallam vest was also being worn on the other side of the World

Been there,done that,got the T shirt.

A 9:00 am race start to avoid the heat of the day,but it still turned out to be a hot and dehydrating one,even carrying water and with some provided on the course.
The circular 12.75 km route started along the sea front,this road section was hard work for me but compensated by the eastern bay views of Wellington Harbour.It then proceeded inland on narrow bush tracks up to and along the main ridge track.Whilst the top of Mt Lowry is only a modest 373 metres,running on these bush tracks gets quite frustrating with only promises of a view and numerous hidden ups and downs which added considerably to the overall metres of ascent.The best bit for me was the last steep downhill zig zag path with lots of rock and tree roots to negotiate, my chance to gain/regain places past more timid runners.As the TV2 weather presenter would say "Another day in paradise".