13 September 2007

Sign up for our Fell Relay Teams

Hopefully the slideshows from last year's fell relays will inspire the same enthusiasm for this year's events.Here are details of 3 that we have teams entered for........

First up, on Sunday 7th October,is the Ian Hodgson Mountain Relay,based on Brotherswater,Patterdale.
We have 2 teams entered - 8 runners per team - it's 4 legs run in pairs.

Dave Aspden is organising this.If you are interested and haven't already contacted Dave then please do so asap on 015395 60288.

Next up,on Saturday 13th October,is the FRA/UKA British Relay Championship,based on Fell Foot (north of Chipping ,virtually where the Fiendsdale Race starts up Parlick).

I'm waiting for clarification about the the slightly confusing entry confirmation that I've received ,but we seem to have had 2 teams accepted - there are 6 runners per team.I'll update you when I get further confirmation.

The leg order is different from the one originally advertised - see FRA/UKA Relay 2007 label for earlier post.
Current order is
Leg A - Pairs - 7 miles/2800'
Leg B - Single - flagged - 4.75 miles/2000'
Leg C - Pairs - navigation - approx 6 miles/1900'
Leg D - Single - 3.5 miles/2000'

I'll deal with the notification of teams to the relay organiser as it has to be done online linked to my email address but Dowy has volunteered to help with the selection including being B team captain. The standard of the competition will be high so we really need to get our 2 strongest possible teams out. Please contact Dowy on 01524 822216 asap if you are interested.

A bit later ,on Sunday 9th December,it's the Calderdale Way Relay in deepest Yorkshire.
We are hoping to get 2 teams entered like last year - 12 runners per team - 6 legs run in pairs.

Greg is organising this one and has handed out details at Club training.Please contact him asap if you are interested - 01524 761557 - Email gtagneys@supernet.com -Let's repeat last year's impressive turn out by the Club.
More info on http://www.halifaxharriers.co.uk/Halifaxracesv3.htm