16 September 2007

Ian Hodgson Relay teams announced

Here are the details from Dave Aspden

Hi Dave
Can you put this on the website/email it around.

After due consideration and a bottle of Red the teams for the Ian Hodgson Relay are as follows: I have tried to include everyone who has asked me if they can run and have tried to put people who have not done it before with the old stalwarts or with someone who can navigate (hopefully)!

Leg 1 Dave Griffin, Martin Benson
Leg 2 Mike Woodbridge, Dave Crayston
Leg 3 Emma, Grace
Leg 4 Hazel, Andrew Hodgkinson

Leg 1 Dowey, Duncan
Leg 2 Dave Aspden, Steve Jeffs
Leg 3 Dave Shinn, Paul Sewell
Leg 4 John Leech, Dave Deason

Reserve - Mick Pearcy - we could probably do with another reserve as well.

Could all competitors confirm they have got the message
phone Dave on 015395 60288 or email dave-em_1@tiscali.co.uk
and all to meet on Sunday 7/10/07 at Sykeside Farm campsite at 9.00am to register.

It has been good that there has been so much enthusiasm in the club recently, the first time I organised this event I struggled to raise one team.

Remember this year the course is being run backwards, if anybody wants a map of the route give me a shout, I am sure there will be details on other web sites.

Have fun

David A

Here's a link to Horwich's site which has all the details