25 February 2008

Helm Hill and Barbon KWL - juniors report

From Susan Goodfellow


It was finally a lovely day for the Kendal Winter League of 2008. The course was fairly flat with some steep bits to make it interesting.

First up were the Under 12s, and they set off at a good pace which they managed to keep up for the whole half mile. In the boys race Ben Till was the first Dallam runner in, coming third overall after a close battle with Tom Taylor from Kendal. Wilf Goodfellow was not far behind at 13th even though he had a bad start being unable to start nearer the front which restricted his usual sprint. Thomas Drinkall came in at 29th, but he must really enjoy the winter league as he always crosses the line with a big smile on his face – and keeps coming back for more.

Lizzie Goodfellow came in a respectable 12th in the girls race, despite managing to lose a shoe in a boggy bit. (She would have arrived at the finish line sooner had her mother not insisted that they find the shoe and replace it on her foot!) Megan Drinkall was 14th closely chasing a boy…….!

The Under 14s was a girls only affair including three from Dallam, Robin Goodfellow, Reanne Harvey and Jane Gill. Reanne had only returned from France on the previous day, and told her Dad she was dying for an English breakfast, which he made her and she thoroughly enjoyed. However, it was possibly a mistake as her stomach was suffering for it during the race! But she still managed a decent finish at 5th overall. Jane Gill ran a comfortable race and crossed the line in 4th. Robin Goodfellow, complete with trademark bouncing pony tail won the race. She was heard to comment that on the straight she thought she was running into eternity, it went on for so long.

Alex Till followed in brother Ben’s footsteps, coming in 3rd in the Under 17s, and Sam Till continued to do well in this class by coming in 10th in a field of fifteen. Catherine Gill ran into 3rd place in front of Kate Donovan.

Everybody who took part thoroughly enjoyed the day and were just thankful not to be running in wet weather for a change.

BARBON - 17th February

What a lovely way to spend the last day of Cumbria’s half term! The course included a scree so steep that it had to be got around or crawled up on hands and knees. Trying it on foot just resulted in a shower of rocks coming down on the runners below.

Wilf Goodfellow came in first for the Dallam Under 12 boys (9th overall) Thomas Drinkall took a dramatic tumble down the hill but still came in with a smile on his face in 18th place.

Lizzie Goodfellow managed to lose her shoe yet again but hung on to it all the way round. She came in 9th, and was beaten by Megan Drinkall for the first time this year who crossed the line in 7th place.

Robin Goodfellow was left to represent Dallam Under 14 Girls on her own for the first time ever, her team-mates having – and I quote – “chickened out by going ski-ing in Chamonix”! She came in first to complete her 7th consecutive win of the year, thereby becoming the Winter League Under 14 Girls Champion 2008. (Robin will be unable to compete at Cautley Spout as she will be taking part in the National School Biathlon in Bath – so the pressure’s on you Jane for first place!)

Alex Till showed everyone that he is still the strongest Under 17 fell runner by coming in first, with Sam finishing an impressive 8th.