22 October 2008

FRA Relay results

Well done to our team,Marcus,Dowy,Stuart,John,Ray and Steve.
Here's a message from the organiser,Martin Cortenvriend. I've already emailed him back to say how much our team enjoyed the day.I'll post some photos in the WebAlbum when Google stops playing tricks.

"Hope you all enjoyed the day - congratulations to the winners - there were some brilliant performances out there and not all at the sharp end - you all did well.

Results are now available at

You might also see from the WFRA website that we have a lovely race over the courses you've just been over on 2nd November. It's from Cilcain which is slightly closer to England!!!!

Finally - thank you all for behaving so well and following the marshalls directions, the army cadets had you all parking in very straight lines and there was very little litter to pick up, I've got a stile to mend but it was on it's last legs anyway. There were despite my earlier pleas, several dogs running around in the next field up from the starting field - you may not have noticed that there were actually sheep in that field - no harm done though!

Remarkably little lost property - pair of small black tracksters, a St Andrew's golf hat which fits me nicely and a fairly new small black and grey 'Technical' jacket. Any claimers?

Please let me have your feedback positive or otherwise as I want to be able to help out at next year's event and perhaps forward a few helpful suggestions to the organisers.