14 January 2009

Bob Graham Round weekend in June

Here's some news from Dawn Gill.
The Club is going to have a Bob Graham Round weekend on 12th-14th June 2009.
This was originally intended as a girls only round but quite a few club members have shown interest in having a go and finding out what this BG thing is all about! I feel that it would be a fantastic experience for any member of the club to join in especially as so many of you have given superb support in past attempts.

You might want to do the full 5 legs or just some of it. The plan is to do legs 1 & 2 on Friday the 12th June, Leg 3 on Saturday the 13th and Legs 4 and 5 on Sunday the 14th with Greg as the Chief Guide Guru, so no chance of getting lost. Ex BG'ers have expressed a keenness to assist, perhaps with cups of tea on the top of Skiddaw, feasts at Threlkeld and an emergency back up service should people want to come down half way through a leg.

Mike McKenna has said there is a possibility of spending Friday night in a Barn at the end of leg 2. Other options include the pub or camping or some sort of combination. Perhaps we can have a Barn dance! There is only leg 3 to do the next day and Ray says complex liquid carbs are good.

Saturday evening at Wasdale can be spent camping, in the pub or at the youth hostel down the road.

More details and training days will follow in a similar way to last years BG web sites. Hip hop Marcus has offered to do this.

Think it will be great fun and a wonderful event for the club. Look forward to hearing from you.