14 January 2009

Dallam runners flock to the Winter League

John Hodgson asks if the rest of us are missing out on something?

With two races in the series completed already, many new Dallam runners have been experiencing the joys and woes of fell-running in weather conditions which could not have been more different.
A total of 27 runners represented Dallam at Scout Scar in dry, sunny conditions ideally suited to attract groups to the sport. One week later in cold,wet,windy,foggy,waterlogged,muddy conditions,guess what? Even more club members turn out! So many were running in their first ever fell-race and what a day to choose. There was a real sense of achievement for everyone just to get round the course to finish,( you had to lean forward running downhill to the finish to avoid being blown backwards).
Well done everyone and keep on supporting Helm Hill for all their efforts behind the scenes. Remember, there is a sausage-sizzle at the end of all this!