08 August 2009

News from Down Under

From John Hodgson.
Gudday mates.
Getting ready with 74,999 other runners for tomorrows 14K City to Surf out to Bondi beach

,and wouldn`t you guess it that the cricketers would let me down. Can you imagine the amount of POMMY bashing I`m going to get. 102 all out!
It may be winter out here, but you wouldn`t guess it from the temperatures we`re getting, bring it on. My main news though is that I may be extending my stay by 3/4 months as I have landed a temporary teaching position at a place called Oxford, about 40 miiles NW of Christchurch in NZ. I have already got Greg on with weekend `Holly` duties and Anne will get in touch with Jayne/ Pete Ryan to give them some info for their forthcoming trip. I`ll miss the Wednesday runs, but book me down for Xmas. John Hodgson
PS There are some great dark beers out here Dunc so I`ll try to drink enough for the two of us!