02 November 2009

The Best Ever Race (according to John)

From John Hodgson.
I always wondered why Shinny had the Go Running NZ on our links on the Dallam website. I guessed it was due to his annual pilgrimage to this end of the globe and keeping in touch with races.

Well, a few weeks ago I had a look on it and found a 21k run around the rim of an extinct volcano in Christchurch and from that event picked up a flyer promoting another 21k run called the Flagpole Run Up. It turned out to be the best race I`ve ever competed in. Someone once said to me when you get religion you have to tell everyone about it and this is just what I feel about this run. It had everything. For a start, the weather here is just glorious at the moment, and the run started at 10am.There was a 1k warm up before we climbed up a zig zag to 850m and then down again to a wide river gorge where 12 river crossings of crystal clear water followed with depths up to your shorts. Women, ahead of me were grabbing hold of the nearest bloke to steady themselves , so why was I all alone? Drat! The scenery was mountains capped with snow on either side of you moving along a 4 wheel drive track in a colourful ribbon of runners. After the river ended there were numerous ups and downs still ahead. By 19k, I had had enough, but somehow kept going, trying to keep up with these tireless women overtaking me. At the end I was dizzy and knew if I didn`t sit down quick with water I was in trouble. So I did and 5 glasses later I managed a sausage burger. The atmosphere was just perfect. I wish I could bring you out next year. See you soon. John