02 June 2011

Final Details for the Billy Bland Challenge

 From Ray:
News: It looks like we are all geared up for the off. There has been a few last minute changes though Dallam has pulled through. Particular thanks to Sue Goodfellow who has tackled the night time trepidations of leg 2 with gusto. The girls team in particular are indebted to her. Thanks also to Richard Jarvis who at the last minute has offered to run leg 1 at 2am , and to John Leech for organising this.

The weather looks set to be quite mild and dry with a bit of a breeze on the tops on Saturday. Do take the usual FRA safety equipment, in particular the evening and night people. It is likely that there will be a few BGers about, but nobody else. Dehydration may be a problem for those doing leg 3 and in particular leg 4. Make sure you are well hydrated before these legs and take additional water if it looks hot.

We don’t have anyone who is going to follow the race round from the start, so it is necessary to record your start and finish times, in particular for legs 1, 2 and 3 where there may be no spectators. A volunteer or two will be appreciated. Time sheets can be printed off from this website. It is imperative that no leg starts until the previous leg finishes. Communication via text to subsequent leg runners will help to keep people in the picture. Transport needs to be sorted in the usual Dallam way. Think about getting warm clothing to the end of your leg.

Two new lightweight Dallam batons will be made after last years treasured heirloom was lost by Mark up Mungrisdale Common. Not sure how I am going to get this baton to Richard or Martin. If we can not get it to you, I will request the girls leave it on top of the Skiddaw trig point under a stone.

With any luck this could well turn into a race back to Keswick. Hope we have a good turnout at the finish where we can perhaps head off for some celebrations.

Dallam Teams for 2011 3/4th June, reserve date 24/25th June

Lady VETS setting off at 6pm June 3rd 2011. The intention is to beat last years record time of 25:18 and to also get back before the blokes and Cath who are setting off at 2am on the 4th June.

Leg 1: Dawn Gill, Vicky Kirkwood Start 6pm

Leg 2: Susan Goodfellow, Sandra 10:30pm +/- 40mins

Leg 3: Deborah Copley, Jessica Goodfellow Start 3:30am +/- 90mins

Leg 4: Julie Pearcy, Helen Deason, Helen Heap Start 10:15 am +/- 2 hours

Leg 5: Helen Smith, Helen Whitehouse, 3:15 pm +/– 3 hours

Reserve: Helen Heap

Mixed Team Setting off at 2am Saturday 4th June 2011. The intention is simple – beat the girls back at any cost, nothing else matters! Rip those legs to shreds. 16:48 would also give us a record based on 2010 results.

Leg 1: Martin Benson, Richard Jarvis 2am

Leg 2: John Leech, Steven Jeffs 5:20am +/- 30mins

Leg 3: Catherine Gill, Adam Jeffs 8:45am +/- 60mins

Leg 4: Mike Smith, Mark Bell 1:30pm +/- 2Hrs

Leg 5: Raymond Gill, Mike McKenna 5:00pm +/- 2Hr 20

Emergency Reserve: Doc Martin
The following is a link to to the final details for the Billy Bland Challenge