21 June 2016

Helpers needed for 20 Barriers Race on Tuesday evening 5th July please

This year's 20 Barriers Race is in a couple of weeks time and the usual help is required ,but with a slight tweak in the format.

Traditionally the course has been marked out in the afternoon but this has sometimes led to unknown persons removing or relocating tapes for their own amusement.So this year the plan is for marshals to mark their own section of the course in the half hour or so before the race and to clear it out afterwards.
They'll each get specific instructions about their marshaling point and which section to mark ,plus a bundle of tape and arrows on posts but may need to bring a mallet and waste sack.

There should be a new map to assist runners and marshals.

Just as importantly,Help will also be needed on registration,the finish funnel and results.

Those of you who are planning to run could steward the car park and help clear up the event field afterwards.

So, if you or members of your family or friends can lend a hand please let me know as soon as possible so that I can draw up the final plan.


01524 734035