12 January 2021

Christmas Quiz/Quest Answers

Many thanks to Helen and Lorna for their efforts in keeping us entertained over the Christmas period. Below are the questions and answers to their Christmas Quiz/Quest. I hope you all enjoyed it.

What do you NOTICE when you run?

Q1. Up where the fairies step, what do you have to do if you want to see a fairy?

A1. Climb the steps without touching the sides. 1 point

Q2. What do you have to be cautious of at the railway bridge below Hagg Wood?

A2. Electric Fence 1point

Q3. A missionary and a patron saint of Beetham Church is honoured in a roadside shrine at Slack Head. Who is she?

A3. Saint Lioba 1point

Q4. Find a “Classic” at Hazelslack farm. What is it?

A4. Central Boiler E Classic 1 point

Q5. There is a fork in the road just south of Fell end caravan park. Which cycle routes intersect here?

A5. Routes 6 and 30 2 points

Q6. At Leighton Moss:

Q6a. What must you NOT follow?

A6a. Your Sat Nav. 1 point

Q6b. What are Amazing?

A6b. Eels 1 point

Q6c. Who are we told lives here?

A6c. (3 answers) Marsh Harrier; Otter; Bearded Tit 3 points

Q7. Coffins were carried through a limestone cleft lower than the fairy steps. How many stone steps did the pall bearers have to climb?

A7. 10 steps 1 point

Q8. How many round windows face west at Yealand manor?

A8. 3 round west facing windows 1 point

Q9. What must you not do at Sliverdale Golf club?

A9. Do not loiter! 1 point

Q10. There are two cairns on Beetham fell. Find the cairn which is at Grid Ref. 4894, 7926 . It has a metal plate on top with directions to local places. Use your compass to find what lies...

A10. North Beetham South Fairy Steps East SlackHead and West. Cockshots Lane. 1 point

Q11. Along the Trough at Trowbarrow you will find a gate in remembrance of John Mabin. (note the lovely quotation about friendship) What is the gate shaped like?

A11. Carabiner 1 point

Q12a. A condiment adorns this top, whose jubilee does it celebrate? And what is it known as?

A12. Queen Victoria’s Jubilee; The Pepperpot 2 points

Q13. Muriel Smalley is remembered at Summer Hill. How old was she when she died?

A13. 87 years old 1 point

Q14. Who has adopted the Knott top?

A14. Arnside Ramblers 1 point

Max score = 20 points