07 October 2023

XBay Run Update


Dallam Running Club – Cross Bay Run

Cancellation update from Steve Jeffs and BSAR
I have just had an update from BSAR out on the sands this morning (Saturday at 11.30am) and they are saying the Kent Stream (flowing out of the estuary) is too wide, too fast and too deep for them to feel happy in supporting us on our run across.
Therefore the X-bay run for this year has to be cancelled as it is too late in the season now to squeeze in another date.
Please pass on this message to any fellow runners, friends or club mates who you know are intending to run tomorrow.
I will go to Arnside tomorrow to stop anyone getting on the train if they missed their email and this message.
I will organise a refund for everyone, I just need some info – so please email……
Your full account name, account # and sort code and I will get your refund sorted in the next week.
Sorry again about the cancellation but we obviously have to have the full support of BSAR to run this event and if they are at all unhappy about potential safety issues then we will always err on the side of caution.
Please pass the word. I will endeavour to get a successful crossing next year!!!

Steve Jeffs.