18 December 2013

Manchester Velodrome tickets

From Vicky Kirkwood .

I've bought tickets for the next series of track racing at the Manchester Velodrome on Saturday 4th January 2014 but can't now go. I'd really like to sell them on and I know that there are lots of cyclists in the club.
The details are as follows:
Saturday 4th January 2014 at 6pm, Manchester Velodrome Revolution Series Round 3
You'll find the full race programme via the link above.

4 family tickets [2 children, 2 adults] at £14.30 each, total £57.20. Seats Block P, seat K20 to K23
4 x individual tickets @ £22.00 each, block P seats K16, K17, K18 & K19

I can split the individual tickets but if there is someone willing to buy all tickets, I'm sure I could discount the overall cost!  I live in Slyne and willing to deliver them.
Please contact me on vicky.kirkwood@gmail.com or 07890377054 if interested.