03 October 2014

FRA Relay - marshals and helpers update

There will be another marshals get together on Sunday 12th October.Please come along if at all possible.Meet at the event field at 9.30 for a run round.

On relay day itself marshals will need to carry waterproof top and bottoms,hat,gloves,warm clothing,food,hot drinks,1st aid kit and have mobile phones fully charged.
Also need a shelter (some available).

Any help with setting up the field on the Friday before (17th) will be appreciated.

Please speak to Stuart Hurst if you have any questions  - mob 07795067308

Marshals list below.

See race maps for checkpoints

Leg 1

CP 1  Lorna Hewitt & Helen Whitehouse

CP 2  Richard Jarvis & Nick Gannicliffe

CP 3  Debbie Copley & Jessica Goodfellow

CP 4  Mick & Julie Pearcy, Helen Deason

CP 5  Adele Hurst & Ruth Bartlett

Leg 2

CP 1  Dave Shinn & Chris Merkl

CP 2     (No checkpoint)

CP 3  Mick & Julie Pearcy, Helen Deason

CP 4  Paul Sewell & Grace Leedham

CP 5  Penny Atwood, Karen Gates & Laura Ruxton

CP 6  Dave Hewitt & Robin Bartlett

CP 7  John Hodgson ,Greg Tagney , Simon Brearley & Rebecca Hurst

(navigation) Leg 3 marshals will be contacted separately

Leg 4

CP 1  Charlie Dowthwaite & Helen Smith

CP 2  Andrew Smillie, Garry Dowthwaite, Tom Harkes & Nicola Sharples

CP 3  Jenny Edmonson & Tom Phillips

CP 4  Mark Bell & Steve Moffatt

CP 5  Pete & Judy Burrows