19 November 2014

Desafio Lurbel Aitana

From Tom Phillips.
Spain now thinks Dallam is one of the UK's most elite running clubs!

Two podium places in one of Spains toughest Mountain Ultras http://www.desafiolurbel.com/event/aitana-puig-campana-2014/  for Tom Phillips (1st Male V50)  and Penny Attwood (2nd Female V50).

https://www.flickr.com/photos/lurbel/sets/72157649208282046/ has more pictures from this spectacular 53 mile, 18,000 foot race. And an excellent video here which is well worth a watch

It's also going to be on Spanish national TV. Dallam's fame is spreading!
Some runners took nearly 24 hours to complete the gruelling course which includes a skyrunning vertical kilometre course in the first few miles!
If anyone would like to do this race next year let me know. There is a 25 mile option as well!