14 October 2014

Latest details for FRA marshalling duty

Message to all marshals.
Your marshalling position is listed in an earlier post together with details of the recommended kit you should be carrying on the day.
You will be provided with pens, record sheets and duties on the day.

Can all marshals please arrive at the Event Centre on Sunday morning between 7:30am and 8:00am latest. Stuart will then give you your kit and any further instructions.
If you are on a later leg you will not have to go out in to the field until later in the day but it would be really useful if you could help with kit check and a few other tasks.

If you really cannot get there before 8:00am can you please let Stuart know, or perhaps your marshal partner can collect your stuff(?)

If anyone is going out to reccee the route can you please take special note of the new 'no access' areas as listed on the FRA Relay website. If folks don't abide by these restrictions, ie keeping dogs off the land, then it could put the relay in jeopardy with landowners. Please watch out for others if you are out there and let's keep everyone sweet.

Setting up will be taking place from 9:00am on Friday morning. If you are able to help then please come along to the Event Centre. There will be lots to assist with.

Hopefully most of the clearing up will also be done on the Sunday, such as litter pick, site tidy, sign retrieval etc. But it is likely that there will still be things to be done on the Monday or later in the week. Can you please let Dowy or Stuart know if you are able to help with this.

Let's hope the weather is as good as this weekend.
Thanking you all in anticipation.........

pp. Stuart Hurst (Mob: 07795 067 308)