21 January 2016

Change of venue for run on Wednesday 27th January

Fell End caravan park have decided to close down their evening facilities between the 17th Jan and 7th Feb which means a change of venue for our Wednesday run on the 27th Jan. We have now booked the Heron Corn Mill room at Beetham instead. It's signposted to your right as you come off the A6 going in towards the Wheatsheaf carpark.
There are cooking facilities available so after the run we intend to make it a sausage/bacon/veggie bun night depending on your liking. If you can bring a pack of one of the three options and your own cold drinks then the buns,tea ,coffee etc will be provided.
As an extra incentive to come along, Mark O’Shaughnessy has offered to take anyone interested (or all of us) on a guided tour of the paper factory on the other side of the river to see the remarkable transformation of wood pulp to paper for perhaps 25-30 minutes.
The Fell End evening will now be on the 10th Feb.

Full calendar update to 16th March here